About Us

Richread Books (OPC) Private Limited is one of India’s youngest and leading publishers and distributors and is the only publishing house from North India to have a nationwide reach. Richread Books is committed to publish sensible fiction and non-fiction which has the possibility to create enthusiasm, excitement, influence and pleasure at the same time.

Richread Books, as its namesake is publishing really worth reading books. It's an enduring source of material and intellectual riches, a pledge with the human community, an information and education service, an oasis of serenity and welcome for book lovers and a business offering true income and cordial companionship to its associates, executives and their families.

Richread Books is to create a shelter for minds and spirits to open and for insight to extend and offering books for sale which uphold the ethics of non-violence, honesty, love for all, meditation and spiritual initiation and therapeutic, holistic & creative perceptions in arts, sciences, humanities, literature, medicine, philosophy, ecology, and self help.

We are the leading publishing company in India for budding as well talented authors to publish books in India. We are one of the very few publishing houses with a mission to serve first-time writers. We accept new authors and publish their books with a dynamic distribution system comprising online sales and a vast association of direct sellers all over the nation.

We accept all type of manuscripts for publishing Fiction, Non-Fiction, Academic & Poetry books in Hindi, English & Regional Languages.

We are an Indian Publisher and are proud to be so. We inspect and appraise manuscripts in a fair and unbiased way. Manuscripts are reviewed on literary qualities and marketable significance and not on the basis of that who is the writer or has some recommendation. We are devoted to develop and nurture Indian talent up-and-coming authors as well marketers.

We have simple and transparent guiding principles with writers, trade and associates. Regular principles/rates will be functional in dealing with different entities within a category. There is fix percentage on sales for royalty and commission.

We don’t believe to create heaps. There is a shared attempt to bridge the gap between writing, editing, distribution and retail. We aim to ensure that all our stakeholders work closely towards common goals.

If you have a thought for a book and want to get it published, please e-mail us at richreadbooks@gmail.com. If it is worth reading, it will get published. We will not only finance the cost of production, even we will honor you with due reward.

Richread Books was founded in July 2018 by Dr. Shailender Goyal. Dr. Shailender Goyal is an author and academician and he had written fifteen books, out of which fourteen books were academic and his latest book is the pioneer publication of Richread Books.

Thank you for giving your precious time here. We look forward to your kind suggestion and cooperation.